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Welcome to the International Security Agency, do you have what it takes to work with us? Do you know how to code? Do you want to go on missions through out the world, from the confort of your sofa? We have a job for you. Join ISA, the challenges await you!


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The ECoS project aims to offer a fun game-based learning tool which teaches coding, encourages interest in STEM, while also teaching regional history and culture. The idea is to let students explore a regional map and reveal locations on the map if they have managed to travel there through the application of code.
Coding tasks will gradually increase in difficulty and introduce more and more concepts as the students advance in their knowledge of coding. Revealing more and more locations on the map is a gamified reward and students can compare the locations they discovered. However, the locations will also contain interactive content (such as interactive videos and quizzes) which let the students learn about their region and discover important locations, culture and history.


eb1pecruzcarvalhoEB1/PE Cruz de Carvalho is primary school with preschool and kindergarten, located in the heart of Funchal (The bigger city in Madeira Island). It´s located on the western side of the city in the middle of the Hospital neighborhood. The educational system in Madeira Island is a little different from Portugal mainland. Most of public schools have classes divided. First and second year students (kids with 6-8 years old) have curriculum classes in the morning and third and fourth years (students from 8-10 years old) have curriculum classes in the afternoon. In the opposite schedule of the curriculum classes they have extra curriculum activities. Once a week we are developing a project in the extra-curricular schedule that let the students choose between 4/5 activities (can be something like exploring the city, do healthy food, make paper and etc…) The students are not organized by classes instead they are divided by what they want to do.

cazallaCazalla Intercultural is a local NGO located in Lorca (Murcia), in the South East of Spain.
We are involved in the social field related to young immigrants and disadvantaged youngsters and in this sense we work in these fields organizing educational activities for young immigrants and some support classes for immigrant children. For the last five years and we have developed training courses and workshops about Intercultural Learning and Multicultural Societies as a tool to face these social integration problems

spsch cely nazev cz 1SPSCH Pardubice is an upper secondary technical school with more than 70 years of tradition in chemistry education and in recent years also in other fields such as: fire protection, security service and hairdressing. The school, located in the town of Pardubice, is an educational institution of trans regional importance, the students come not only from the Pardubice region, but also from the neighbouring regions. The school provides education in several fields of study for more than 1,000 students aged 15-19 or older. It has around 150 dedicated staff members.

The school is active in international projects: coordinated around 10 (Erasmus+ - KA101/102, 201/219; Comenius) and joined around 20 other (Erasmus+ KA201/219, Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius) in area of school development, teaching/learning tools improvement, students and staff mobility and more.

The school belongs to several networks that focus on vocational educations and tackling youth unemployment challenges. It has strong ties with several local/national social partners (companies, university and other organisations). 

ingeniousIngenious Knowledge is a small company founded in 2010 in Cologne. The company is heavily involved in education research in cooperation with universities world-wide and develops a lot of software tools. One of the main strengths is creating next generation serious games with the aim of making games that are good enough to compete with commercial entertainment games. Ingenious Knowledge has the expertise to develop cutting edge solutions and is eager to spread better education approaches around the world.

gmteGMTE (Gabinete de Modernização das Tecnologias Educativas) develops educational projects in Madeira Islands. Its main actions in schools are related to 3D printing; virtual and augmented reality; robotics; online school tutoring; production of digital educational resources; development of multiplatform educational games; management and optimization of educational platforms; media and integration of ICT in classrooms to stimulate the learning process.

GMTE belongs to the Regional Directorate of Education (Direção Regional de Educação) of Madeira Islands, Portugal.

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